Customers and Coworkers

Positive Relationships with our customers and coworkers are the basis of businsess success.

Who are we?

Customer Service Starts With Me.

SERVUS is an Australian company dedicated to raising the standards of customer service.

Our culture has a history of confusing customer service with being servile.

Most initiatives to improve customer service have the habit of complicating the whole concept. Great customer service isn't rocket science it is about making sure today's experience ensures tomorrows business.

The SERVUS Program is a simple robust system that ensures EVERYONE from the CEO through to management, all staff AND customers are involved in the continuous improvement of the customer experience.

SERVUS member's customers are able to rate the customer service they receive via SERVUS Customer Feedback Capture. Based on the response from their customers, member companies can improve customer service standards and receive recognition for their customer service. Improvement in customer service is then recognised and rewarded through the world first SERVUS Accreditation system.

Eight years of research and development by SERVUS has established that customers appreciate this forum to provide feedback to a business. Having the ability to provide feedback to a third party that rates the customer service experience from the customer perspective makes strong sense to the customer.

In an increasingly generic marketplace, businesses must understand the customer service they provide is the differentiating factor between them and their competitors.

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