Customers and Coworkers

Positive Relationships with our customers and coworkers are the basis of businsess success.

What's Next?

A Journey of 1000 leagues begins with a single step.

The next step for you is to let us know you are interested in the SERVUS concept. You can either join up by giving us a call or sending us an email at which will allow us to contact you to help get this unique differentiator into your business.

If you want to set yourself apart, be seen as responsive, customer focussed and serious about your commitment to customer service then it probably makes sense to get your customers involved - doesn't it?

An Executive Overview is delivered onsite to help directors decide whether this program has scope for application.

A Management Briefing is then delivered to senior management to ensure understanding and commitment.

Memberships are based on business units as customers tend to deal with a specific business unit and judge the company on that basis.

Business Unit managers plus staff attend the one day SERVUS Essentials training.

Other members of staff may then attend SERVUS Essentials training and upon graduating from that are eligible to enrol in The SERVUS EDG - Business Essentials an ongoing program of development in business and customer skills.

Feedback can be accessed through web and email that allows almost real time reporting of customer feedback.

The ability to roll this process out to all aspects of your business, i.e. including your web presence, also exists via the new SERVUS Online concept. You can find out more about SERVUS Online at

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