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The more high tech the world becomes the more high touch people crave.

Q) Why does the feedback have to be externally monitored?
The number one reason that Customers cite for not giving feedback is the fact that they don�t think anything will change. By having feedback go via a third party it is a clear statement to the customer that their feedback is significant and does contribute to the overall rating that the business earns.

Q) What if we get negative feedback?
This is not all bad. Negative feedback can be helpful to a business as it identifies a previously unknown weakness that can be quickly evaluated and corrected.

Q) Is this feedback really necessary?
Best answer to that is the person who pays your wage is the Customer � are they really happy? Remember � a happy Customer is the best job security on the planet.

Q) When should we ask for feedback?
Ask for feedback on Customer Service REGULARLY. Invite feedback at least twice per year from most regular customers, more frequently if we have multiple points of contact.

Q) Will it seem that I�m always pestering the customer?
Each and Every transaction has the potential to improve or damage the relationship and Customers� rate your business based on their last experience. Regular Customers will see your accreditation improving as well.

Q) How do I respond to negative feedback?
The Golden Rule: - Make a personal commitment to respond positively to all Customer Feedback. Customers who genuinely don�t care don�t give feedback; customers who take time to give feedback are giving you a chance to respond.

Q) Why put all this effort into customer service?
Never forget the Customer can always choose where to spend their money. As all markets become more generic it is the service experience that differentiates competitors.

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